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Top Metal Detecting Locations:

Top 15 metal detecting sites:

If you find a location you would like to share you can post it on our New Forums for the community.

1. Trails going up in the mountains that have been around for 50 years or more.

2. Old houses and buildings.

3. Around old campsites.

4. Along streets and city parks.

5. Farms are also very good places to go detecting because they are constantly tilling up the ground and uncovering new things that could have been lost for a long time.

6. Old indian sites are good places to go detecting but you have to make sure its not government owned property so you don't get in trouble.

7. Fair grounds are good places to go after the fair has gone.

8. Old gold , silver , or copper mines.

9. Down old dirt and gravel roads.

10. Recreational vehicle parks.

11. Old towns usually have lots of treasure.
12. On beaches  (  Especially after a typhoon ).

13. Down old abandoned mine roads.

14. City parks are good however you have to make sure you get permission.

15. Around your own yard because you never know who lived there last.

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